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  • Turn your existing assets easily into business capital through our asset-based lending programs. We can help you raise additional capital to finance your operations using different financing options, such as:

    • Accounts Receivables

    Brickell Capital Finance Funding's factoring helps lower cash flow restrictions by providing clients with the capital they need to run their business, pay suppliers, and grow. Factoring is selling your invoices at a slight discount for immediate cash, similar to credit card interchange fees, or discount payment terms. Factoring is much more cost-effective than layering on expensive and dilutive equity.

    • Purchase Orders

    Purchase order financing is similar to our factoring facilities except the funding is used to finance prospective activities in your value chain such as manufacturing and shipping. Purchase order financing finances obligations between the client and their supplier or manufacturer, not the client and their buyer.

    • Contracts

    We provide loans against term contracts with as little or no risk from the borrower. This allows our clients to use the capital of payments on contracts where they have already delivered their service or product or where the continuing obligations carry little operating risk. This type of financing is used by clients in industries where the client assumes a high up front expense to deliver a service to their customer which is paid for over time.

    • Inventory

    Eligible inventory is financed with advance rates that are based upon a discount to the inventory's net liquidation value as determined by an independent appraisal firm. While most traditional factors and asset-based lenders will outsource purchase order funding and inventory finance, Brickell Capital Finance can provide a one stop shop for all financing needs.

    Asset Based Loans/Factoring
  • Many small entities don't appreciate the sheer extent to which they can leverage their business assets and cash flow to secure funding. If you're looking for working capital, then we are the right one to go to. Companies with above average or exceptional positive cash flows, can expect low commercial rates.

    • Senior Loan Size: $500k - $30M
    • Subordinate/Junior Loan Size: $500k - $10M
    • Company EBITDA: $500k Minimum for Subordinate/Junior Loans
    • Company type: Private Companies or Publicity Traded
    • Location: US and Worldwide

    Brickell Capital Financecan provide financing for almost any company with assets-including inventory, accounts receivables, purchase orders, machinery and equipment, commercial real estate, and intellectual property.

    Financing Situations
    • Growth/Hyper Growth Capital
    • Working Capital
    • Refinance
    • Dividend Recapitalization
    • M&A
    • Bridge Loans
    • Distressed/Turnaround

    Companies with above average or exceptional positive cash flows can expect low commercial rates.

    Financing Solutions

    • Asset-Based Revolving Lines of Credit.
    o Accounts Receivables
    o Inventory (Wholesale and Retail)
    o Purchase Orders
    • Asset-Based Term Loans
    o Machinery and equipment
    o Intellectual Property
    o Commercial Real Estate
    • Subordinated Debt/Cash-Flow Term Loans
    o Cash Flow
    o Criticized Assets

    Debt Financing (Senior or Junior Loans from $500,000 - $100 Million)
  • Save your capital through our equipment financing programs. You can enhance your company's ability to grow. We offer up to a 100% financing for vehicles, computers, signage costs, and other necessary equipment. If your business owns equipment free and clear, we can also assist with an equipment cash-out refinance. Brickell Financial can assist in financing up to 100 percent of the cost of the new or used equipment needed to run a business, including soft costs such as tax and shipping. We offer a variety of loan and lease structures, including operating leases for purchasing new or used equipment, leaving capital and credit lines available for other investments and operational expenses.

    Equipment Financing
  • Qualify for lines from $2,000 to $100,000 today! Unlike traditional lenders, we approve businesses by looking at a variety of your business data in real time, not just a credit score. No paperwork, faxing, or waiting in line. Qualify for lines from $2,000 to $100,000 today! Brickell Financial provides you with ongoing access to your funds. Draw against your line as often as once a day and pay only for what you take.

    With business credit lines up to $100,000, now you can begin to focus on growing the business!

    • Fees are 1% - 13.5% of your loan amount the first two months and 1% for each of the remaining four months. No early payment fees.

    • Every month, for six months, you pay back 1/6 of the total loan amount plus the monthly fee. You can pay early and save.

    • Each draw is treated as an agreement between you and the lender. Draw against your line as often as once a day. Pay only for what you take.

    Save hundreds of dollars by paying interest only for the funds you use if your unsure of exactly how much you need.

    Our Line Of Credit program works well if you're looking for capital or in the process of expansion.

    Unsecured Business Line Of Credit
  • The Merchant Cash Advance Program is ideal for businesses that might not want, or cannot qualify for a traditional loan. By basing the amount you qualify for on the volume of your credit card or gross sales, the Merchant Cash Advance program allows us to turn your future credit card receivables into the immediate capital you need.

    Use the funds to expand, renovate, reduce debt, and much more.

    Access to working capital can empower your business to thrive, and the Merchant Cash Advance Program can be the source of that success.

    Merchant Cash Advance
  • Brickell Financial offers a wide variety of POS systems and credit card terminals to accommodate any business.

    Take advantage of the best rates available for your credit card processing and begin to save money today!

    Providing the best merchant services account available in the industry is what we do. We offer merchant solutions and credit card processing services even for high-risk merchant accounts and almost every type of business in the nation.

    We make the process of opening a merchant account easy and affordable. Our merchant services will allow you to accept all major credit and debit cards, even EBT, with no contract.

    Merchant Services
  • Trust us to help you avoid the expensive mistake of giving away equity too quickly or at a lower price. In raising private equity capital, Brickell Financial always makes sure the deal structure is appropriate for the client’s specific needs. Paying attention to the cost of equity and related issues of equity dilution. We offer a wide range of equity financing options including:

    Private Capital Raises

    • Launching a business
    • Growing a business to the next level
    • Funding an add-on acquisition
    • Achieving substantial liquidity
    • Early-stage private and commercial note-holder payoffs

    Private Stock Sales/Shareholder Liquidity Services

    • Tactical advice on capital formation
    • Advice on structure
    • Securities valuations
    • Pricing
    • Timing
    • Terms

    Brickell Financial will leverage its extensive sources of private capital and its knowledge of the private capital raising process to present its clients to potential investors or buyers. We will manage the placement process through to a successful transaction closing.

    Private Equity Services
  • If you have a business that's generating revenue but lacks credit history, this is the perfect loan for you.

    We can help you acquire additional capital to finance operations or even expansion.

    Revenue Based Loans are for generally healthy businesses that need temporary cash and have the means to repay the loan quickly. A revenue based loan is a very simple, fast, and easy way to obtain financing. It’s based solely on one thing; how much money your company is depositing into the business bank account on a monthly basis.

    There are basically no credit requirements and there’s no collateral needed. This product enables businesses to leverage future cash flow to obtain the working capital they need to grow. Our product offers businesses $10,000 to $500,000 in as little as seven days.

    Revenue Based Loan
  • SBA loans are for those who are looking to buy a business or are planning to take their current venture to a new level. Established business tax returns that show good cash flow can get extensive funding through us.

    We offer low interest rates and generous payback terms. Take advantage of our many loan opportunities to and expand your small business. We're here to meet and exceed your expectations so you can do the same for your clients.


    Working capital, refinance, business acquisition, R/E purchase/construction, purchase equipment or inventory
    Loan Amounts:

    $350,000 to $5,000,000


    Commercial R/E, inventory, FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment)


    Varies, up to 25 years


    Fixed or variable rate


    Owner-operated and for-profit


    Varies, up to 90%

    Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan
  • • Commercial Loans

    • Construction/Development Loan

    • Lot/Parcel Loan

    • Hard Money Real Estate Loan

    • Private Money Real Estate Loan

    • After Repaired Value Real Estate Loan

    • Foreign Investor Real Estate Loan

    • Cash Out/Refinance Real Estate Loan

    • EB-5 Fund Placement

    • Real Estate Investment Portfolio

    Real Estate Financing